LIGE 1.3 Inch Full Touch Smart Watch – Stainless Steel – Chrome


  • Smart watch with 8 sports mode – LIGE men’s smart watch can monitor walking, running, basketball, cycling, fitness, football, skipping rope, badminton and other sports data. This powerful men’s fitness tracker can also record daily data, such as steps, walking distance and calorie consumption.
  • Heart rate and sleep monitor – This silver fitness tracker adopts advanced sensor technology, low power consumption and high precision. Automatically and continuously track real-time heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen to help you better understand your daily health. It also automatically tracks your sleep quality, help you analyze sleep quality and improve habits
  • Full touch color screen and IP67 waterproof – LIGE smart watch uses a 1.3-inch transparent display and high-sensitivity touch, bringing you a different visual experience and user experience. IP67 water resistant can withstand sweat, accidental rain or water splash, and you don’t need to worry about damaging the fitness watch when washing hands.
  • Longer battery life and notification reminder – Built-in Bluetooth low energy chip and 210mAh large battery capacity, the fitness tracker is fast charging. After 2.5 hours of charging, the watch can be used for 8-10 days. Connect the step counter to your mobile phone and you will never miss any calls and messages. If your phone receives calls, SMS and SNS messages, it will vibrate to remind you.
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Q:Why can’t I wear the smart watch to take a bath or sauna?

A:The bath water temperature is relatively high, it will produce a lot of water vapor, and the water vapor is gas phase. Its molecular radius is small, it is easy to infiltrate from the shell gap of the watch, and when the temperature drops, it will recondense into a liquid phase. Water droplets can easily cause short circuit inside the watch, damage the circuit board and damage watch itself.

Q:I saw the advertisement description is IP67 waterproof, can I wear it swim or go out for rainy days?

A:In order to extend the life of the watch battery, we do not recommend wearing a watch to swim.

When it is raining, it can resist sweat or rain splash, but can’t use it for a long time, it will also damage the watch.


Q:Is this fitness watch equipped with blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors?

A:Yes,but blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors should only be used as instructions and not for medical use.

Q:What’s the length of this watch?

A:After measurement, the strap length is about 22-24 cm.

Q:Can I answer the call or reply to message directly on the watch?

A:Our watches only can receive messages and call,and can’t be unable to answer call and reply message through watch.

Q:How to connect Smart Watch?

A:Open the Dafit app on your phone. — Set personal information. — Enter the “user interface” of the device. — Click on “Binding Equipment”. — On the bracelet main dash-down, you can check the bracelet’s Bluetooth MAC address. To find the MAC address in the device list, to find the searchable device name of your device and the corresponding click pair for the MAC address, the bracelet connection is successful.


Q:What should I do if the battery cannot be charged?

A:First make sure if your watch is charged correctly:

Step 1: Insert the USB end of the charging cable into the USB adapter, power library, or USB port.

Step 2: Hold the other end of the charging cable to close to the back surface of the watch until they are magnetically connected.

Note: If the charging cable cannot be magnetically connected to the charging pin of the watch, please change its direction.

Q:Why the pedometer does not work?

A:If you use GPS in sport mode, please turn on the location service of your phone and your application (DA FIT). The watch has no GPS function. However, you can turn on the GPS function in the app, and the pedometer function can be used normally.

Q:Can’t synchronize weather?

A:Please connect the watch first with your phone. After successful connection, the weather data is synchronized with the clock and the weather data can be displayed.

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